Floating around Vienna – Rian van Spaandonk

I caught Flogging Molly live in action at the Arena yesterday and managed to talk to them about, amongst other things, Float their fourth studio album.

Apart from two live/acoustic releases, it had been quiet around the seven musicians from Ireland and America for four years. A long time, in the music world. Former pro-skater Matt Hensley plays the accordion and concertina in Flogging Molly. He explains the four-year gap: „We should have a record out every two years, but it’s ended up being four years, because we tour so much. You need to take enough time off to write a record and have enough money to survive while you’re doing that. We should be doing it way more than we are, but we make most of our living by playing live, we’re a live band.“

On Float, Flogging Molly show their skill at combining modern day punk rock with Irish folk. The album cover and CD booklet show a range of instruments and an Irish landscape that you can not just hear in the songs, but practically taste and feel. This is in-your-face music. Music for thinking (Us Of Lesser Gods), music for drinking (Float) and after 2004’s Rock Against Bush effort, it is no surprise that politics have made it onto the album as well (Requiem For A Dying Song). The album was recorded in Ireland. A unique experience, according to Hensley: „It was really great. We got to go to Irish pubs, play Irish music, but maybe more important than anything, we got to stay away from other outside influences. Usually , we do our records in big cities like Chicago or Los Angeles and there are a lot of distractions. This time, we were so far out there, that we could really just concentrate on the music.“

In 2004, Drunken Lullabies became one of the main themes for the Rock Against Bush campaign. Has Float intentionally been released during another US election year? „No, but we have become semi-political,“ Hensley explains. „Obviously, we’re not big Bush supporters and at the last elections we tried very hard to not have him be re-elected. We’re a band that’s affected by what’s going on around us in the world, especially because two of the guys live in Ireland and the rest of us in America and we tour around the world so much. So we have an idea of what’s going on. Music cuts through any language boundary, it’s one of the greatest communicators.“ Float is available at any decent music store NOW!



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